About Paris Welcome Card

Paris Welcome Card was conceived and designed by a team of experienced professionals from the tourism industry, travel guides and local Parisians, with the sole purpose of making travel to Paris easier and more affordable.

Thanks to the service offered by Paris Welcome Card, our guests can focus on their trip and unique experience in the French capital. No matter how long their stay in Paris is, our mission is to help them optimize their time and money, while leaving them with a customized Paris trip!

How does it work?

Paris Welcome Card was designed to allow travelers to bundle pieces of their trip together as they wish. Thanks to the Paris Welcome Card Menu, the customer prepares their own personalized card by picking the activities they want to experience in Paris. Our customer support team is ready to respond to any questions occurring before and during our guest’s trip to Paris.

Best Price Guaranteed!

Paris Welcome Card guarantees the lowest prices and best deals in Paris. Thanks to great tourism partnerships, the card will grant access to the best of Paris at a minimum expense.

Why choose the Paris Welcome Card?

Here are the advantages of buying a Paris Welcome Card for your trip to Paris.

· Practicality: Easy access to top monuments, museums, cruises and fun activities
· Freedom: Creating a customized card for independent touring
· Lowest prices: Perfect package at minimum cost
· Travel Assistance: We answer your questions 24/7

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